" 0.66 " 8,5 x 18 + 9,5 x 18 Audi,BMW Mini,Ford,Mercedes,Seat,Skoda,VW .....

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Behind the Design and Details


Our take on a motorsport wheel, as usual the obvious route was the wrong route, why make things easy when you can make things bloody difficult for yourself.

Taking a look at rally and short circuit designs over the ages it was clear that function was taking the lead over form, strong and robust yes but pleasing to the aesthetic part of your
wasn’t part of previous design remits. “It need’s to be strong and bold” was clear but we know you want more so excruciating attention to detail was paid to every radius, every
curve and
every straight axis giving a harmonious look with details jumping out with every different angle it’s viewed from. CNC machined graphics on a mirror polished sea of aluminium
flowing down
to the centre bowl give a concave look seldom attempted in motorsport inspired designs and with the addition of the, quite frankly, badass look of the volcano black version
0.66 shows the world
your series, dead serious.


8,5x18 +9,5 x 18


Silver Cut


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